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Piccadilly Vaults — Identity

Piccadilly Vaults were looking to open their first emporium of fine antique jewellery in the heart of Piccadilly Arcade, London. They approached Charlie Smith Design to develop the stores visual identity, packaging and supporting collateral in time for their opening.

The founders had a fascination and expertise in jewellery history and craftsmanship, and had amassed a collection of fine antique jewellery, which they wanted to bring to the market. 

The visual identity needed to reflect the unique style of the jewellery, positioning the brand as a place to go for unusual treasures. From the outset, we discussed the idea of a Kraken, a mythological sea creature becoming the central part of the visual identity. With this in mind we commissioned Olivia Knapp to produce a detailed illustration of a Kraken. The process involved many rounds of sketches and refinements to develop it’s character so it had both a menace and beauty about it, whilst appearing to be a centuries old creature lurking in the depths of the ocean. 

The colour palette of dark inky blue, black and gold, felt both premium and entirely appropriate for the brand. The Kraken was foiled in two colours, the black for the body, with gold being used as a highlight for the eyes and the suckers on it’s underside. The elements in gold having a prominence against the dark blue paper stock. 

The illustration was teamed with a more classic logotype, the combination of the design and finishes aimed to be timeless, premium and luxurious, reflecting the intricate and unique jewellery pieces. 

We worked hard to find the right manufacturers and suppliers who could achieve the perfect amount of detail in the illustration when foiling the range of carrier bags we had designed. This same approach was taken when producing stationery and launch material for the shop.

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