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Radio Alice — Identity

Bringing a very Italian brand to a London audience we worked alongside designer maker Alex Green to create an identity that conveys bold ideas with a joyful attitude.

Sustainable farming and ethical production are not usually associated with pizza. So, it was part of our challenge to bring these together in one identity; the respect for the environment along with the natural joy of pizza.

Radio Alice was originally a pirate radio station, born out of the student protests happening in Bologna during the 1970’s. It gave a voice to the people, and worked under the mantra ‘Respect and Joy’ something which felt like a natural fit for today’s Radio Alice brand. Following this mantra we created the visual identity for the restaurant.

Cues were taken from the original pirate radio station’s graphics. Collage based illustrations and low-fi means of production were contrasted by more elegant elements like the serif typeface, and a pared back black and white colour palette. Ideas for snippets of copy were found in the graffiti in the original Radio Alice headquarters and used on items like the menus.

Influences from the 1970’s feeling Italian signage we had seen on our research trip to Florence, Milan and Bologna were also brought to life through the signage for the first site in Hoxton Square, and acted as contrasts to some of the more chaotic graphics inside. Alongside the restaurant signage scheme we’ve also developed a website and various printed collateral.

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