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Jim Sutherland

Joy is persuasive. Find the joy in each project, work with it, create it in others.

These words encapsulate the core of Studio Sutherl&, founded by Jim Sutherland back in 2014. We were lucky enough to bag a seat at his recent talk ‘Work & Play & Joy &’ which delivered in droves on all three counts. Amongst the glimpses into a number of projects, from rebranding a 200 year old children’s shoe company to celebrating the DNA ancestries of Brazilians, it was the work for St Albans Museum + Gallery which stood out for us.

Derived from the flag of St Albans, the identity centres around four triangles which create a framing device used in a variety of ways. Whilst retaining the honesty and simplicity of the initial thought, we loved the attention to detail and its subtle application across the space both in print and through the exhibition design. Directional signage formed from raised triangular plates protrude from the walls of the museum, which not only become a subtle nod to the identity but also pay respect to the historic space by leaving the majority of the building left untouched. It was testament to the fact once an idea is stripped back to its core, you often can’t help but smile.

Thanks to Jim for a joyous insight into the work and mindset of his studio, and to Pentagram for hosting the event.

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