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Charlie Smith Design

Kuku Studios


Animation house Kuku Studios approached us to develop a new identity to be used across their channels. At the heart of the studio is a commitment to the timeless power of storytelling, and its ability to delight and entertain audiences.

Very early on in the project it became clear that the logo needed to touch upon the joy and spirit that goes into all the productions at Kuku Studios, whether that’s feature films or episodic series.

The mark needed to feel approachable, and suitable to be used across all of the studio’s outputs, irrespective of style or audience.

During design development we explored how the cuckoo could be refined to reflect the right level of charm and character the studio wanted to be known for. The logo has been bought to life further with the help of Kuku Studios collaborator and animator Abe Dieckman, by flexing and revealing the bird. 

In addition to the bird, we also developed a stencil-based logotype built from a modular system. These rounded shapes unite to form the wordmark, much like the constituent parts that all come together to create a Kuku Studios production.