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Typocircle: Rejane Dal Bello

We had the pleasure of attending the latest TypoCircle talk, this time to listen to London based designer and illustrator, Rejane Dal Bello. Rejane has worked for a number of renowned design studios around the world, including Studio Dumbar and Wolff Olins here in London. She works for a range of clients in the corporate, cultural and most memorably for us, the non-profit sectors.

Rejane gained international recognition for the visual identity she designed for Alzheimer Foundation in The Netherlands whilst at Studio Dumbar. She took us through the early stages of the project and showed us some lovely concept work around the subject – something we don’t usually get to see from other studios. We were then presented the incredibly powerful and thoughtful solution, with the blurred or fading counter of the ‘a’, perfectly visualising the effects of dementia. She also shared her insight into the competition between charities to raise funding for one chosen cause over another; a challenge we had never really considered, but one where good Graphic Design can be especially important. 

‘What am I doing with my skills to help others?’

This led nicely into a self-initiated project of hers, the children’s book series, Dr. Giraffe. Dr. Giraffe is a useful tool for parents to explain disease and childhood illness to their children in a metaphorical way. Working with a doctor and a copywriter, the intention is to create a library of diseases. Her interest and focus on design for social causes is so refreshing to see.

One of the audience asked a question at the end of the talk which was answered particularly well – ’Why did you choose the giraffe?’. To paraphrase Rejane’s answer: ‘Because the giraffe has the biggest heart. It has to pump blood all the way up it’s long neck, so it needs a very strong heart.’

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