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Sascha Lobe

We visited Pentagram’s London offices to hear designer and typographer Sascha Lobe discuss some of his latest and upcoming projects. Effortlessly merging the fields of architecture and graphic design, Sascha’s work spans wayfinding systems and signage as well as a variety of identity and print projects. 

One project that caught our eye in particular was his recent collaboration with Architect David Chipperfield on Amorepacific’s Headquarters in South Korea. One of the biggest challenges the team faced was devising a way in which three languages (English, Korean & Chinese) could all coexist in the same space. Part of the solution, a custom-stencil typeface and set of pictograms influenced by the surrounding landscape, helped distill communication into its simplest form to aid navigation around the building.

As an example of how design can work across a multitude of platforms, larger than merely print, digital or spatial alone; it was fascinating to get a glimpse into the cohesive system at work. Thanks to Pentagram for hosting the event, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the recently appointed partner! 

Photograph by Kimberly Lloyd for Pentagram


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