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Sign of the Times

Recently we participated in the ‘Sign of the Times’ exhibition. An exhibition organised by NB Studio in conjunction with Spring Chicken, challenging the current ‘Elderly’ road sign.

The brief was simply to reinvent the sign, addressing the negative way that elderly people are depicted on the current sign. There were some brilliant submissions, some took a humorous way and some a more serious way. For ours we looked at what the sign actually needed to communicate to drivers. That they need to be aware of people less able to cross the road. This needn’t be directly linked to elderly people and so we removed them from our sign. Then, concentrating on the reasons why people might be slower at crossing the road (impared sight and mobility) we devised two simple and recognisable icons to represent this.

The opening of the exhibition was a great success and you can read articles from the Telegraph and YCN and see the full list of entries here

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