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YCN Talk: Ideas for Breakfast: Nick Wood

This time last week we had the opportunity to start the morning, in the way that every morning should start, at Dishoom. Not only that but we had the pleasure of listening to Nick Wood, founder of How About Studio based in London, a studio that blends art and architecture together. Nick has worked on a range of experimental projects from a small cabin built for Wales (The Miners Legend) to the colour (Mobile Shop).

Storytelling and narrative is large part of Nicks practice, and this shows through from the small details to the overall concepts of his creative work. In 2015, Nick was commissioned to create an entrance experience for Selfridges Ultra Lounge in their Oxford Street store that supported Project Ocean. Birthed from the brief was Flotsam; an experience that was solely made of 6,000 plastic bottles which rolled back and fourth to mimic the surface of the ocean. Confronting the store consumer with a physical material, Nick’s work allowed the romanticised idea of the glistening blue ocean to emphasise the scale of the problem of plastic in our future oceans.

A stand out project for Nick amongst his work, is The Gold Nose of Green Ginger, a venture which took place for Hull City of Culture in 2017. Taking inspiration from a street in Hull that goes by the name of Land of Green Ginger, Nick worked with artist Joshua Sofaer to create an interactive and playful space within a vacant shop unit, surrounding the story of a magical golden nose.

‘There is play in the process, and there is play in the output’

The installation was accompanied with demountable furniture and immersive experiences to make the space welcoming and interactive place for the community to occupy. This encompassing story of the concept led to over 35,000 visitors ascending on it to wish upon the golden nose, in the hope good fortune might come their way.

It was our great fortune that YCN and Nick kickstarted our day with such an inspiring talk.

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