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Civic — The Possible


Social enterprise, Civic, entrusted us with the task of crafting a bold identity for
their latest initiative, The Possible. In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine,
The Possible aims to champion a diverse array of projects, organisations, and
humanitarians committed to the country’s war effort and in time their renewal and

Our creative journey led to the development of an adaptive identity, utilising a
speech bubble device to symbolise the multitude of voices and operations in
Ukraine. We incorporated KTF Jermilov from the Ukrainian foundry Kyiv Type
Foundry as a nod to The Possible’s homeland, and used a striking monochrome
colour palette with a vibrant yellow accent, conveying a sense of courage and
hope. Hand-drawn lines and arrows were thoughtfully incorporated to highlight key
elements and suggest that the work is on going and not complete.

Recognising that the identity will be used by multiple organisations we placed a
strong emphasis on ensuring consistency and effective application. To achieve
this, we crafted a comprehensive guideline document that summarised the identity
but also provided concrete examples. These examples showcase how each
element works harmoniously to tell The Possible’s compelling story.