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Charlie Smith Design

Urban Greens — Brand Development


A couple of years ago we worked on the branding and successful launch of Urban Greens, a London based, food to go concept specialising in salads and juices. With a new store opening on the horizon they asked us to help them dig a little deeper and define their offering further.

We worked alongside our friends and collaborators Claire Berthet and Yarn to run a series of brand workshops to hone in on the companies values, behaviours and tone of voice. We then looked at how we could develop the existing identity to reflect the new confident strategy work. It was important that the new branding elements felt fresh, bold and unique whilst supporting the original branding which Urban Greens were keen to keep. 

The end result is a series of social templates and guidelines, stickers with punchy copy lines and an expanded colour palette and photography style to help the brand move forward with their expansion plans.