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Charlie Smith Design

The Peep


A self initiated studio project aiming to celebrate our creative industry and interdisciplinary collaborations. The Peep is a monthly newsletter to our creative industry. Each month it has a different creative contributor, who responds to a theme set by the previous month’s creative. The themes look at various aspects of our day to day creative practices and through the passing on of these themes we can explore how different creative minds work in vastly different ways, and you can subscribe via The Peep website here.

We wanted the newsletter to feel like something joyful arriving in your inbox, breaking up the rest of the day to day emails, so we created a bright and playful identity. A range of eyes representing all the various creatives are used to give an idea of different perspectives and viewpoints. This idea of perspectives then informed the bespoke typeface that we developed for The Peep. A bright colour palette added to the playful nature, and an illustration style expanding from the initial eye motifs has been developed into various animations used on social media.